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How it works

Write your status report the way You like it!

All the rest is done automatically as expected: aggregation, notifications, reporting, archiving.

  • Standup status report in the right way: Super easy, super fast!

    • Write your status without mouse.

    • tmux, vim, emacs, terminal GURU’s will love our terminal client that works as expected: in pure terminal, no browser, no mouse, no icons or pictures ;)

    • Do you like the "old fashion"? Then just send an email. (comming soon)

  • Highly configurable workflow.

    • Number of tags. Max number of items, how long can be an item.

    • Submit time. With or without acknowledge period. With or without remind period.

    • Configurable user roles.

Only useful, complete and on
time - this is how information should circulate inside Your team.

  • Be reminded ONLY when YOU really NEED it. No spam or useless reminders.

    • Smart reminders: with no activity detection and analizing the historical behaviour.

  • Advanced standup scheduling. Daily, weekly, monthly standUp’s and shifting, cancelling possibilities.

  • TimeZone settings for teams and for each user. All events and time is shown in user's timezone format.

DO only what’s important!

Read only what you are supposed to read. React on things you are supposed to react.

  • Versatile reporting and status aggregation options.

DO less but have DONE more.

Usability first! Every mouse move, click or keypress is counted and reduced to minimum.

  • Helpful suggestions.

  • Magic links.

  • User preferences that overrides team settings.

More goodies

Small things that makes life easier.

  • End to end encryption.

    • Highest security standards (used in online banking)

    • Certificate based authentication. Once installed, no passwords should be typed ( useful for lazy cool guys )

  • JSON based API for fast and easy integrations.

  • Usefull integrations:

    • Jabber (xmpp), Slack, SMS - for reminders, notifications and bots.

    • Absence.pro - for better absence communication and visibility directly in dashboard. (coming soon)

    • Event announcements and calendar integration for better visibility directly in dashboard. (coming soon)

    • Polls - let the team deside in a democratic way. (coming soon)

    • WebKiosk - make the status publicly available on monitors, big tv or projector. (coming soon)



START a 3 months

No credit card required.
Cancel anytime.

  • Be a member in max 2 teams

  • Dashboard archive 100

  • Integrations: 3

  • Online Documentation



Per user, per month

  • ∞ teams, ∞ organization

  • Self hosting

  • End to End encryption

  • Dashboard archive 10 000

  • Archive search

  • Unlimited integrations

  • LDAP authentication

  • API access

  • Priority support

  • Custom branding

  • Web training

  • Economies of scale:

    • 10 users -> 10% off

    • 50 users -> 20% off

    • 100 users -> minim 30%

  • 10% off on yearly subscriptions


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All SMART Plan Features, plus:

  • Unlimited archive

  • SLA Premium Support

  • In-house Presentation / Trainings /
    Best Practices and Retrospective

  • Customised contracts and conditions

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